Building healthy construction workers: Their views on health, wellbeing and better workplace design

Construction Worker Benefits That Make The Job More Appealing

Construction management is not only considered one of the best careers in the industry, but it’s also listed as one of the best jobs in the country, according to a report from U.S. Based on a 2017 study by FMI, only 39% of construction companies consider employee engagement as a key metric for their company’s growth. It is, however, vital that the level of effort you put into acquiring new subcontractors also matches that of retaining the current ones.

  • Annually there are more than 160,000 openings and that number is expected to grow by 7% from 2020 to 2030.
  • Barriers to Entry – Young people entering the workforce have more options than ever before, so it is imperative that, as well as a career in construction being attractive, it needs to be achievable.
  • For construction workers specifically, this meant about 1.5 million of them had to go find new jobs elsewhere or retire .
  • It is a great idea as well to offer voluntary benefits to your employees in addition to the aforementioned core benefits.
  • So when we hold our safety meetings every morning, we make sure to cover anything and everything related to our pillars affecting the work we’re tasked with completing.

It’s a benefit to your mental health to have a variety of tasks in your role. Unlike other sectors reliant on technology-driven productivity, construction depends heavily on its skilled workforce for growth and profitability. With 68 percent of construction companies employing less than five people, keeping highly skilled employees is key to the success of these small businesses.

The aging workforce

However, many ironworkers find their jobs rewarding because they get to meaningfully contribute to valuable construction and infrastructure projects like bridges, roads and buildings. Some ironworkers also appreciate the opportunity to experience new work environments and tasks on a regular basis. These qualities can help make their jobs more dynamic and mentally engaging. To gain an edge in filling construction jobs you should consider offering benefits, and this may be important in a tight job market. Today many workers will take a lower paying job with a number of benefits over a higher paying job with not as many benefits. Construction is an incredible career field with many wonderful opportunities for professionals – men and women alike!

  • Construction management is not only considered one of the best careers in the industry, but it’s also listed as one of the best jobs in the country, according to a report from U.S.
  • The FMI study well illustrates the point that having a strategic plan for compensation is essential for construction companies looking to attract and retain good talent.
  • Stimulus money, rising property values and spending more time at home led many building owners to tackle upgrades and projects that they had been delaying for years.
  • There is a lot of work that needs to be done to make construction a truly appealing job for young people.
  • But it quickly becomes a complex job that you probably want to outsource to one of the many firms which specialize in optimizing group benefits.

As time goes on, many companies will find it increasingly difficult to recruit employees. Its clients include land developers, municipal governments, mining, and oil and gas.

How HR Can Promote Flexibility in Blue-Collar Jobs

In fact, 76 percent of employees believe they’d be at least somewhat likely to accept a job with a more robust benefits package, but lower compensation. And it goes without saying that employers risk losing workers to competitors if they don’t offer flexible benefits plans that employees believe meet their individual needs. While wearing safety gear onsite may appeal to some, there are many office-based construction jobs that women can fill, too. (Construction means more than just working in the field!) Think project manager, technician, or a job in construction technology. As the great recession of the last decade recedes further into the past, young workers will come to view construction as the relatively stable career it has traditionally been. The construction industry needs to do a better job at tailoring its recruitment strategies to fit the demands of young workers. The company culture needs to be more appropriate for the age we live in, with a better gender balance being the most obvious remedy.

What are your desired benefits?

Top benefits among job seekers are health care, wellness, retirement, and flexible schedules. Other desired benefits include generous leave policies, career guidance, travel expense compensation, and relocation assistance.

Negativity is infectious and when it spreads people are more likely to quit. To help prevent negativity from spreading, avoid taking your frustration out on your employees. If the client is pressuring you to stick with the schedule, try not to put too much negative pressure on your team even if there was a considerable delay. If there is something you can do to help them make the deadline, do it. Your construction workers need to be well-rested to work efficiently and safely. Between 2020 and 2030 the industry is expected to continue its growth. Jobs for construction workers are expected to increase by 7% during this decade.

Interested in a construction career? We can help!

There might be a problem that will prevent them from completing the work in that time frame, or they might have a suggestion that will work better than your idea. If you listen to your employees, they will feel more loyal to you, which will motivate them to work harder and to stick with your company. Many managers will simply tell their construction workers to try their best and work hard. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, they really need to know what you want them to do and the desired results. The highs and lows of the market, and the construction industry specifically, make it challenging for construction companies to maintain the proper staffing level and remain competitive.

Construction Worker Benefits That Make The Job More Appealing

Every employee is different so the best way you can find out what you can do to keep employees engaged is to ask them. Surprisingly,only 39% of construction companiesmeasure employee engagement. Whenever possible, highlight your company’s safety standards in order to recruit employees.

Building healthy construction workers: Their views on health, wellbeing and better workplace design

Sometimes, workers will also install other materials like fiberglass and plastic board along with sheet metal, but if there is metalwork involved, a sheet metal worker will be needed. A Certified Construction Manager certificate is a construction certificate issued by the Construction Management Association of America and is also necessary in some states. In order to earn one, applicants need a bachelor’s degree and over four years of experience or at least eight years with no degree. From obtaining different work permits to overseeing the entire project, construction managers do a little bit of everything. You should use as many online job boards as possible to broaden your reach. You can look at these job sites as “passive assets” that can draw applicants over time. This in turn will push down wages for subcontractors, which will make it hard for new construction professionals to obtain work.

  • This industry presents many incredible jobs for women and over the last decade or so it has taken strides towards gender equality, but there’s always room for improvement.
  • This mutual sharing of subcontractors between construction companies also means that it will be less difficult for you to seek applicants and fill positions whenever you need to.
  • Make sure to keep things short, simple, and more visually appealing if you’re going to share your projects – not everyone loves reading long paragraphs.
  • Most young people do not know what they want to do after they graduate high school, and the thought of two to four more years of school is mind-boggling to them.

Tell them why the project matters and the role they are playing in making it happen. They do not just want to feel like they matter; they want to feel involved in the process. It might take more time to explain everything to an employee, but now they understand why they are lugging around bricks and lumber all day, which makes them care more. One of the things that makes construction unique is its boom-and-bust cycle, which follows economic trends. For instance, new construction often spikes when interest rates are lowered, making it easier for homebuyers to borrow money.

Construction Jobs: the Advantage of Offering Benefits

And the best teams always have a clear picture of the game plan, and what they have to do to win. A competitive benefits plan can be a key part of that winning strategy. What values are you standing up for when you commit to making sure your employees have access to affordable health care coverage? Why should it matter to a young employee that you are dedicating money today Construction Worker Benefits That Make The Job More Appealing that will benefit them in their retirement many years from now. With these benefits in place, you clearly demonstrate a commitment to the wellbeing of each member of the team, on and off the job. In turn, they should feel a greater connection to the wellbeing of your business. These include benefits employees say they would be most likely to switch companies to get.

What are the 4 types of benefits?

What are the four major types of employee benefits? These include medical, life, disability, and retirement. Here is a closer look at these employee benefits and why they are often offered by business owners.

Industry and labor groups have been addressing the aging workforce issue for some time. The risks of non-compliance are clear, according to Michael Milligan, Aerotek Regional Safety Manager.

Manage employee workloads effectively – Construction is a competitive business, and it doesn’t take much to convince an employee to leave your organization for potentially greener pastures. Employee retention becomes even more of a difficult task if your company does a lot of seasonal work, since your workers are often more likely to leave when the weather changes and the opportunities dry up.

Construction Worker Benefits That Make The Job More Appealing

If you’re thinking, “that means I can earn a good salary with good benefits and not have to take on a bunch of student loan debt,” you’re right! For individuals who have decided not to attend college, construction is a field where you can still earn a good — no, a great — living and enjoy all the perks of being an in-demand professional.

Hands-On Learning

With more women entering the construction industry, there are new opportunities to recruit and hire women construction workers. Including more women on your team can bring in fresh perspectives and may also improve worksite safety. Show your employees you care – A common mistake often made by construction companies today is a tendency to treat employees like numbers, or as replaceable widgets. Not only does our organization try to engage workers, but we really make an effort to show members of our workforce they are valued. Examples of our efforts include hosting an annual Christmas party, a yearly golf tournament, and regular cookouts where we travel around to jobsites and cook hot dogs and hamburgers for employees. It’s a cliché that people who come home feeling the most satisfied at the end of the day often put in the most work.

Here are a few ways you can adapt your approaches to motivation that will improve morale and keep workers engaged. Some competitor companies might have higher quality LinkedIn profiles than you do, so browsing around at other business pages is a great way to gain inspiration to help improve yours.

Years of experience

There are several benefits of being an electrician, such as the ability to be your own boss, the reported 10-year job growth as outlined by the BLS, union benefits and much more. It’s one of the highest paying jobs someone without a college degree can have and the variety of the work means that it can be both luxurious and exciting. It is therefore critical to have a strong employee development program in place to attract the appropriate people for the right jobs.

Construction Worker Benefits That Make The Job More Appealing

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