11 Beginner Tips To Use The Dewalt Hand Planer

Anyway… seeing as how the options for large electric hand planers is quite limited, I figured I’d give the Triton TPL80 a little shout-out. For less than the cost of a brand new jack plane, you can get yourself a respectable 7″ electric planer capable of smoothing your stack of timbers with nice results. In the number nine spot, we have the CRAFTSMAN CMEW300 Hand Planer.

how to use electric hand planer

Slowly start pushing the planer forward and maintain a constant and steady pressure. ​When starting out, make sure you apply more pressure on the front of the planer to avoid any sort of tilting, which would also gouge the wood. This is why it is always important to adjust the position of your piece power planers reviews of wood, rather than adjusting the position of your body/feet. Having wood shavings and dust on the floor is a safety hazard. You can trip or slip on the wood sand, or even cut yourself with the sharp wood shavings. And the moisture can also disrupt the effectivity of the hand planer blade.

Curved Base Planers

Finally, attach the vacuum hose or dust bag to your tool. A lot of nasty sawdust will come out of the piece as you work, so this is an imperative step. You will need to adjust the speed you push the tool with and the depth setting, dependent on the final smoothness you are aiming to achieve. https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/best-hand-planer/ ​Champhering Edges – A planer can be used for champhering edges but it is not as accurate as some other tools that can also achieve this. You have to keep the planer stable and at the desired angle THROUGHOUT the entire cut, which is nearly impossible without using a guide of some sort.

how to use electric hand planer

The body is made of sturdy die-cast aluminum so you won’t have to worry about corrosion. The foot – that’s the bit on the bottom – is solidly constructed too. You’ll https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/ be able to plane width of three and a quarter inches with each pass. It comes with no fewer than three different chamfering grooves to give you different options.

How To Replace Your Planer Blade

The worlds of woodworking and construction are similar but don’t always overlap. Tools used for one aren’t always suitable for the other. Clamp down the work material on a sturdy table so that there is no danger of it moving under heavy pressure. If you will be planing the side of a door, position the door on its side and clamp it firmly to a secure surface, such as a table leg or a wall. Place blankets or towels under the door to avoid marring it.

  • To make the planing easy, clamp the boards horizontally to keep them in place.
  • A hand held belt sander is another one of those tools that could go all wrong real fast.
  • You may want to use a face mask when you’re working too.
  • A friend of mine uses it for shaping oak planks for the hull for his 10 meter motor ship.

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